A modern classic.

    Intellimix represents a new paradigm for digital desktop mixing. It offers full routing, trouble-free mixing and automated monitoring, all via a clever design that emphasizes quick, intuitive operation. Primarily intended to be the front-end interface for computer-based workstations, Intellimix is also well-suited for many other applications.


    Simple and smart – that’s Intellimix!

    Just like the big boys.

    Intellimix works on the same level as more expensive equipment.


    For example, speakers will mute when a mic is on, headphone levels will adapt when switched over, the source display will always confirm what you’re listening to and, as the icing on the cake, you get a professional monitor source selector. Learn more.





    Profiles can be stored on a smartcard.
    Once your staff discovers Intellimix’s awesomeness, they’ll all want to use it. And with an endless variety of configuration parameters available to each user, you’ll no doubt desire a logical way to bring order to potential in-office chaos. Meet the Intellimix SmartCard, a nifty item which stores individual set-ups so each user can quickly re-configure the unit to their personal taste.