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m!ka. The world's most beautiful mounting system.

Designed for seamless integration, the m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System provides you with an elegant and easy option to individually arrange your gear. Design your studio setup in the best possible way. More flexibility. More efficiency. More personality. That's what you get.

The system to success.

A tidy desktop for a productive workspace. m!ka keeps your desktop clean by hiding most of your cables and reducing the number of mounting points. You will be amazed how much more room for your ideas there is to gain. m!ka provides you with many more options than other systems. Feel free to combine its elementsand to mount them wherever you want. There's no better way to mount.

The "little black dress".

Ever wondered why Coco chose black? Classy, simple and elegant - that's what is associated with the color black. Black sets a frame and contrasts bright ideas. So why don't include it to your studio setup?

Discreetly shimmering.

The anodized metallic look stands out. With its sense of reserve, aluminum sets focus. It is not without a reason that many decide to wear silver jewellery. Be part of the latest metallic rise.

Light or dark, make it yours.

Some like the dark, while others are into the fashionable metallic look. No matter what you prefer, m!ka offers you what you long for. The whole system is available in aluminum and black.



"This is exactly what I had been searching for and more. (...) simple and streamlined, resembling a sleek robotic arm. I could not be more pelased with the quality of construction and superb support provided by Yellowtec."

- Gary Watcher, RadioMagOnline -

The home your mic deserves.

Let m!ka Microphone Arms be the safe harbor for your mic. Simply connect it with the arm's inboard cable via standard XLR-connector. Within only a few seconds your mic arms can be optimally matched to your mic's weight and you are ready to record. Let the show begin.

Because simple signaling lights are so yesterday...

...we come up with something different than all the others. All m!ka Mic Arms are available with OnAir head joints. On Air indicator with 360° lighting signal shows everybody around that you are in action.


CleanVision® goes On Air.

All our m!ka On Air Arms come with our litt Signaling Device's CleanVision® technology. The 360° indicator provides even better recognition than experienced before. At the same time it will not glare at short distance. 


There's no end to possibilities.

Ever wished to indicate a "mic ready" or anything else before you go on air? Enjoy this feature as standard with our On Air Arms. In addition to a bright red for on air indication, you get white as a second color. Just reverse the polarity of the drive voltage and toggle between red and white. If you don't need it, just continue to wire your arm as usual.

Spotlight on. Put yourself into perspective.

Once radio hosts only had to care about their voices. Nowadays, it takes more. A growing number of stations comes up with showing their inner life to a broad audience via webcam. Broadcasters are confronted with new challenges. That's why we developed a microphone arm tailored to those requirements: m!ka Mic Arm TV.

Visual radio? Webcam? YouTube?

The m!ka Mic Arm TV saves you time and trouble. Coming from underneath your face, it secures obstruction-free recording from any camera angle. Use it to hold your mic and offer your audience the best possible view at your face.



More room for your ideas.

m!ka Monitor Arms help you to efficiently use limited space. With m!ka placing multiple monitors next or on top of to each other becomes a piece of cake. Give your arm additional functions by combining it with m!ka Accessories. What about a Copy Stand or a Pad-Dock for your mobile device?

From time to time good things become even better.

All our m!ka Monitor Arms have been upgraded. Equipped with an all new head joint they now offer an all new head joint to improve and simplify friction adjustments. Take it one step further.



Your monitor fits.

Get a new monitor that fits first? Not with m!ka! The QuickFix Adapter for VESA75 and VESA100 make m!ka Monitor Arms a magic bullet for all types off monitors. It is the right choice for your monitor, too. 


Smarter options.

Making m!ka even more flexible, the head joints offer easier adjustment. With the design, you are able to independently set the friction of your monitor's horizontal and vertical tilt. You want to easily tilt your monitor vertically without changing its horizontal position? No problem. Take the next step in tailoring your setup.

Even more flexibility? Here's m!ka EasyLift.

For good reasons our m!ka Monitor Arms adjust in height by using two screws. This protects your setup from having your monitors clash into other equipment. But some workspaces might require a quick lift of the screen. Take a guest locations, for instance.

Need a quick lift? Watch this weightlifter.

Some installations require extra flexibility. So we came up with m!ka EasyLift which delivers height adjustment at your fingertip. Thanks to the integrated pneumatic spring, there is no need to readjust any screws whenever you want to move gear in a vertical direction. Regulate height settings within the wink of an eye.


m!ka EasyLift. Champion in different weight classes.

m!ka EasyLift adds a whole new way of up-and-down movement made as smooth as possible. Alle three arm sizes are available with two different load capacities of 3-8kg and 7-15kg. Choose according to your the weight of your monitor. Adapted to your individual gear's weight, m!ka EasyLift takes a lot of work off your hands.



Upgrade your monitor arm. With m!ka Accessories.

Various m!ka Accessories serve as add-ons. They equip m!ka Monitor Arms with additional functions. Thanks to QuickFix.

m!ka Copy Stand. There's so much space for all your notes.

Designed as an add-on for any m!ka Monitor Arm, m!ka CopyStand serves as a versatile script holder. The Perspex® stand is available in landscape (A3) or portrait (A4) format. Make use of any m!ka Monitor Arm's QuickFix adapter to fix m!ka CopyStand with only one click.


As versatiles as your ideas.

Thanks to the intelligent magnetic fixture system, a second Perspex® panel can be fixed on top of the other one.  Between both panels there's room to  temporarily or permanently fix notes. This might also be the right spot to display your own logo or to personalize your CopyStand in any other way. 



m!ka Pad-Dock. Fastens your tablet.

A lot of reporters rely on tablet computers while they're on the road. So why not granting them the place they truly deserve back home? Thanks to m!ka Pad-Dock, you can securely fasten a tablet computer to your setup and make it an essential part of your working area. Simply choose your favored m!ka Monitor Arn and attach m!ka Pad-Dock via QuickFix within seconds.


Drop and pull the anchor whenever you want.

By adapting to individual sizes, m!ka Pad-Dock securely fastens your tablet and makes it an inherent part of your studio. Achieve all this without ever giving up the benefits of a mobile device. Easily detach the tablet from the bracket whenever you want to take it with you.



Highlight your setup. With m!ka Studiolight.

It is the perfect addition to your studio in terms of lighting. Experience perfect lighting conditions. Swiveable and tilting, you can easily adjust it to your individual needs. The same applies to the lighting itself. Dim it the way you want and achieve the lighting atmosphere you need.

The right kind of light.

Other than all the other m!ka Accessories, m!ka Studiolight is not an add-on for m!ka Monitor Arms but an independent arm. It can be mounted just like a m!ka Mic Arm. Make use of all the mounting options you have and place m!ka Studiolight exactly where you need it.



Mount m!ka wherever you like.

Making most of mounting options? That's what m!ka gets you. Make use of the great variety of mounting options offered by the m!ka System's arms and accessories. The mounting options go on and on and on...

Mount m!ka to surfaces of all kinds.

A broad range of mounting devices equips you with the right parts to mount your m!ka system in the best possible way. Thanks to different supports, m!ka Mic Arms and m!ka Studiolight can be attached to desks of different panel thickness, to m!ka System Walls or directly to your room walls. Enjoy even more flexibility by combining m!ka Mic Arms and m!ka Poles.


m!ka Poles allow for additional flexibility.

When it comes to mounting m!ka Monitor Arms or Accessories, m!ka MMS Poles serve as a backbone. The poles are available in two versions: Either fix them to walls (Wall Mount Poles) or choose a 360° version (System Poles). According to your needs, we offer multiple options to mount poles to your desk, wall or ceiling to position your m!ka equipment wherever you wish.


m!ka. Designed to be a system.

All m!ka components are designed to fit each other and can be combined in multiple ways. You have the choice between microphone and monitor arms in different sizes and colors, various mounting options and accessories like m!ka Pad-Dock or m!ka Studiolight. Choose the system’s parts you need and pick your preferred mounting options. We offer you everything you need to mount m!ka to desks, walls or poles.

  • m!ka Mic Arms aluminum

  • m!ka Miic Arms black

  • m!ka Mic Arms On Air aluminum

  • m!ka Mic Arms On Air black

  • m!ka Mic Arms TV

  • m!ka Mic Arms TV On Air

  • m!ka Mic Arm Support

  • m!ka Mic Arm Spare Parts

  • m!ka Studiolight

  • m!ka Monitor Arms aluminum

  • m!ka Monitor Arms black

  • m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms

  • m!ka Pad-Dock

  • m!ka Copy Stand

  • m!ka Poles aluminum

  • m!ka Poles black

  • m!ka MMS System Pole Support

  • m!ka MMS System Walls

  • m!ka Cable Clamps

  • m!ka MMS Studio Accessories

Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I get guidance and detailled instructions concerning m!ka products?

    You're looking for information about how to mount m!ka? Or you're wondering about how to combine the m!ka System's various elements?

    Have a look at the m!ka Briefing Book. With the help of graphics, it shows you what you should pay attention to and serves as a step-by-step guide.

  • Is it possible to deactivate the m!ka Monitor Arm's QuickFix function?



    The m!ka Mic Arm'S QuickFix function allows for easy installation of monitors. With the help of a release lever, it locks your equipment in place.


    Nevertheless, you always have the choice to deactivate QuickFix. Simply turn in the screw placed next to the release lever on the m!ka Monitor Arm's head in order to disengage the QuickFix function. Doing so, your monitor or m!ka Accessory is permanently fixed to the arm until you decide to loosen the screw again. To take full advantage of QuickFix again, simply loosen the screw anytime.

  • How to install a microphone?

    STEP 1:
    Cut off the black and yellow wires on the upper end of the cable. They are not connected and do not carry any voltage. Always make sure to leave adequate cable lengths before you cut the cable to fit the mic. It is not possible to install a new cable loom inside the m!ka Mic Arm.


    STEP 2:
    To install your microphone, we recommend the use of standard XLR connectors. Please note that XLR-connectors are not included when ordering a m!ka Mic Arm.


    a) m!ka On Air Arms
    To install m!ka On Air Arms, we suggest to use XLR-5 pin connectors for microphone signal and on air light feed on the lower end of the cable and XLR-3 type connectors for microphone on the cable's upper end.


    b) m!ka Arms WITHOUT on air function
    For m!ka Arms without on air function please use XLR-3 connectors on both ends of the cable.


    STEP 3:
    Simply connect your mic via XLR-connection.


    Find more information on page 4 of our m!ka Briefing Book.

  • How can I adapt the m!ka Mic Arm to my mic's weight?

    STEP 1:
    Make sure that all three T-screws are not too tight but in a somewhat loose position. Then identify the screw on the bottom of the m!ka Mic Arm and adjust your arm with your mic attached to have it levitate in your favored position.


    STEP 2:
    Now fasten the T-screws just enough to perfectly hold the mic in any position wherever you pull it. Do not pull the knurled screws too tight. They may break and the joints may squeak. Instead readjust the screw inside the bottom as in Step 1 in case you are not happy with the result of your adjustment.


    Find more information on page 11 of the m!ka Briefing Book.

  • How do I change the on air indicator's color?

    To change you m!ka Mic Arm's on air signaling color from red to white simply reverse the polarity of the drive voltage.


    a) Red signal
    Wire m!ka On Air Mic Arms as usual to achieve red on air signaling.
    Wiring for red signal: BLK = 0V YEL=+12-24VDC


    b) White signal
    Reverse polarity to make use of a white on air light.
    Wiring for white signalt: BLK=+12-24VDC YEL=0V


    c) Red AND white signal
    To make most of the dual color indicator, use both colors.
    Therefore, use a switch to toggle between red and white. 


    Find more information on page 4 of the m!ka Briefing Book.

  • Is it possible to equip previous m!ka On Air Mic Arms models with the dual color signal?



    By swapping only the joint instead of the whole m!ka On Air Mic Arm, you have the option to easily upgrade your existing m!ka On Air Arm with CleanVision® lighting characteristics in dual color. How easy it is to swap head joints is shown in this short video tutorial.

  • How do I prevent my m!ka Arms from squeaking?

    If your m!ka Arms ever squeak or if you can't put your mic in position smoothly, there is an easy solution for that:

    Simply use common Teflon spray and place it on the joints. You will immediately experience the smoothness you are used to when using m!ka.

    In general, squeaking arms indicate that your arms aren't adjusted to your gear's weight. Please follow the instructions for adjusting the arms to never get near squeaking m!ka Arms.

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