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PUC2. The most dynamic USB Audio Interface.

As a compact two‑channel high-definition audio interface, PUC2 combines simple setup with a clever modular design. It comes with digital connections and in various versions providing you with different analog panels on top. Just the way you need it.

Shaping the world of audio interfaces.

When we launched PUC in 2005, it was the first USB audio interface to comply with the highest professional standards. Designed for plug-and-play operation with all common operating systems, PUC is perfect for replacing conventional insertion cards. Looking at the first PUC, you’ll notice its shape inspired by an ice hockey puck. Hence the name…

PUC2. Family business.

PUC2 combines simple, seamless setup with a clever modular design, providing the flexible ease-of-use you demand with the audio quality you deserve. It delivers the highest available audio standards up to 192kHz at 24-bit with a sensational dynamic range of 105dB. All PUC2 versions are housed in an extruded aluminium case. The aluminum unibody is lighter than most metals, and pretty rigid when compared to plastics. 

Unique modular design. Unlimited options.

Thanks to the modular design, each PUC2 version is employing different analog I/O boards internally, and different end panels externally. That's how PUC2 meets different requirements. The computer connection panel features AES3 inputs and outputs on XLRs, along with an USB* (B‑type) port and a 3.5mm socket, which is used to configure the zero‑latency monitoring modes.



*The USB driver uses the Windows Media Encoder (WME) by Microsoft Inc. and ASIO Driver Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. WME is a trademark and software by Microsoft Inc.


»Overall, the PUC family of converters represents good value for money providing well thought out features and delivering good quality audio in each direction in a no nonsense, reliable package (...).«

– Hugh Robjohn, Sound on Sound –

Real-time quality control. Zero Latency.

Zero Latency Monitoring is a unique feature that allows you to monitor your recording signal in real-time, with no delay. Choose between listening to the input signal, or the return path arriving via USB. For further monitoring convenience an AUX output lets you connect a pair of headphones for quick and easy audio signal checks.



Options, options, options...

More than just an external sound card, PUC2 is suitable for many different fields of application. It links your audio inputs and outputs to analog or digital mixing consoles, speakers, analog and TDM routers and many more. 

Speaker connection

Speaker connection with feed

Analog mixer connection

Digital mixer connection

Plug'n'play at its best.

The setup is as simple as possible. Just connect PUC2 to your PC or Mac’s USB port or use it in stand-alone mode. In just a few seconds, you’ll enjoy exceptional USB audio performance. Since PUC is USB-powered, there's no bulky power supply and fewer cables to connect – which means exceptional performance without workspace clutter.


To use PUC2 in PC/USB mode simply connect it to your PC via USB. It is as easy as it sounds.

Standalone Mode

To use PUC2 in standalone mode simply plug in your devices and get going. There's no need for PC connection.

PUC2 Mic LEA. Let LEA lift your recordings to new heights.

With our integrated LEA Level Energy Arbitration on board, PUC2 Mic LEA ensures pristine audio quality for your microphone signal.



Never experienced recording quality.

PUC2 Mic LEA version accepts either mic or line inputs and a stereo headphone socket replaces the line outputs.



The leveling legend.

PUC2 Mic LEA integrates the real-time LEA Level Energy Arbitration from the iXm into a class-leading audio interface. Discover our unique technology for leveling your interviews while recording.



Perfect levels. Every time. No matter the environment.

In comparison to standard AGCs and limiters our LEA Level Energy Arbitration knows to excel by not creating artifacts or common pumping noises. Even with blanking levels or loud ambient noise the LEA Engine works perfectly and levels smoothly, just like an little engineer inside your device.

The new PUC2 Mic LEA WaveLab Bundle.

Choose our PUC2 Mic LEA WaveLab Bundle and you get a special Yellowtec Edition of Steinberg WaveLab Software on top. The market-leading editing software provides you with all the functions needed to work on your recordings.


Get PUC2 Mic LEA in combination with Steinberg's WaveLab Yellowtec Edition.

In collaboration with Steinberg, we offer you a whole new all-round audio recording and editing package tailored to the needs of journalists today. Steinberg is providing a bespoke version of their WaveLab editing software which offers quick access to all essential functions. We bundle it up with our PUC2 Mic LEA Audio Interface or Yellowtec's iXm Recording Microphone.



The WaveLab Yellowtec Edition provides a straightforward interface that contains all functions necessary for editing and rendering audio in daily journalist and broadcast applications. Main features, including cutting, normalizing, fades, metadata handling, marker management and rendering options, are all located on a centralized ribbon to stay focused on interview editing tasks. With the WaveLab Bundle editing becomes a piece of cake.


As an all-in-one solution, the PUC2 Mic LEA WaveLab Bundle upgrades your recording workflows. Use the professional PUC2 Mic LEA professional audio interface/preamp to capture audio signals in highest quality. Combined with the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition, you can record directly into WaveLab. Once recorded, use the powerful tools of the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition, including cutting, EBU loudness leveling, fades and the effect rack.


PUC2 Lite. For the life of digital.



More than a compromise.

PUC2 Lite has all the features of the PUC2 family except from analog ports or AUX outputs. You don't need them? Then PUC2 Lite is it!



Purely digital.

PUC2 Lite is an excellent, budget-friendly solution if analog connectivity isn’t required.
 Enjoy the same feature set as PUC2 Line on a purely digital platform.



Specs: PUC2 Interfaces

  • PUC2 Line

  • PUC2 Lite

  • PUC2 Mic LEA

  • PUC2 WaveLab Bundle

How To Video Clips

Yellowtec's PUC2 How To Clips show you how to benefit from all the PUC2 Audio Interfaces' features. Besides from how to get started, they show you how to integrate PUC2 into various setups. One of the video also highlights the PUC2 Mic LEAs unique LEA Level Energy Arbitration that automatically secures perfect leveling for your recordings. On top, the videos come with a lot of tricks to make most of the PUC2 Audio Interface.

  • How to get started with the PUC2 Audio Interface.

  • How to connect PUC2 to an analog mixing console.

  • How to connect PUC2 to a digital mixing console.

  • How PUC2 avoids latency in monitoring.

  • How PUC2 Mic LEA keeps you from bad leveling.

  • How to integrate PUC2 Mic LEA into a portable setup.

  • How to integrate PUC2 Mic LEA into your workstation.

  • How to use PUC2 to listen to HQ music.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How is PUC2 synchronized?

    Whenever no signal is received on the digital input, PUC2 makes use of its internal sample rate. By choosing a value between 32kHz and 192kHz via connected PC or Mac, you can set an internal sample rate.


    As soon as PUC2 receives a digital input signal, PUC2 realizes it and synchronizes. In this case the type of digital input signal determines PUC2's sample rate.


    Because PUC2 is not a sample rate converter, there is no way to configure it to 192kHz via USB and at the same time process a digital signal with 48kHz. This is not possible because PUC2 always adapts to the digital input signal as soon as a digital cable is connected.

  • What is the difference between PUC2 Line for International and for German Levels?

    While PUC2 for German levels gets you 0 dBFS = + 15 dBu (+6 dBu / 9 dB Headroom), PUC2 for International levels equips you with 0 dBFS = + 15 dBu (+4 dBu / 14 dB Headroom).

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