The Yellowtec WaveLab Bundles are available as of now.

    In collaboration with Steinberg, we offer you a whole new bundle solution tailored to the needs of journalists today. Steinberg is providing a bespoke version of their WaveLab editing software. We bundle it up with our iXm Recording Microphone or PUC2 Mic LEA Audio Interface.


    iXm and PUC2 Mic LEA supply automatically leveled recordings while the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition production software delivers enhanced tools for superb editing results. Thus, both our Yellowtec WaveLab Bundles offer an all-round audio recording and editing package.

    Discover the all-new WaveLab edition designed for Yellowtec recording products.

    As the world's number one audio mastering software, Steinberg's WaveLab is constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. Offering professional editing and analysis tools and metadata management, the specially designed Yellowtec Edition provides you with an easy-to-use interface. The dedicated Yellowtec ribbon offers quick access to all essential functions. Use it to optimize your workflows.

    For more details on WaveLab, visit www.steinberg.net/wavelab.






    Bundle WaveLab with iXm or PUC2 Mic LEA!

    The first version of our WaveLab Bundle comes with our iXm Recording Microphone that captures best-quality interviews with perfect audio levels right on location. Choose one out of six different interchangeable mic heads to meet the challenges of various recording conditions - ranging from quiet conference rooms to noisy concert halls.

    The second Yellowtec WaveLab Bundle includes the PUC2 Mic LEA, our two-channel audio interface with USB-connectivity and headphone/ loudspeaker monitoring. Both the iXm and PUC2 come with our powerful onboard LEA DSP Engine for audio processing and best-in-class level automation.