Specs: b-line XT

b-line XT is a powerful dual-line talkshow system with worldwide POTS/ISDN connectivity as standard and optional VoIP. Due to its digital echo canceller, the feedback possibility in open-speaker applications is reduced. With the help of its expander caller signal noise is lowered. The perfectly balanced AGC delivers smooth consistent caller level. The result is clear, beautiful sound.


  • Digital echo canceler: Special echo cancellation (up to 100 ms) for tricky VoIP and cellular calls, as well as adaptive function that reduces feedback possibility in open-speaker applications
  • Conferencing: Combine caller signals for common PreTalk
  • Database support: Talkmaster data can be stored in a database with blacklisting function
  • PreTalk/Hold/On Air/R/Drop for each line on keypad or touchscreen
  • Talkmaster Software Package: Optimized for touchscreen usage; connects over Ethernet via LAN interface (1 free license, additional licenses can be purchased)



b-line XT Keypad

b-line XT comes with a DTMF generator, as well as an integrated DTMF analyzer which ensure callers who dial the correct code first will be highlighted within the Talkmaster Software®. Combine caller signals via a separate PreTalk interface for off-air conversation with the help of a specific function key available in the Talkmaster Software® or on the optionally available front panel b-line XT Keypad.