Intellimix enters the editing rooms of CBC!

A new home for Intellimix: Cologne Broadcasting Center produces high-quality TV programs with Yellowtec's Intellimix Desktop Mixer.

The Cologne Broadcasting Center is one of the leading broadcasting companies in Germany. To master their versatile tasks and challenges, CBC needs a technical infrastructure that can be worked with in an efficient, fast and straightforward way. That's why – after an in-depth assessment – the production team of CBC decided to use Yellowtec’s Intellimix Desktop Mixer. About 40 devices are used at the editing rooms to manage news and magazine formats. On top, Intellimix has become an essential component of the international broadcasting for the German soccer league “Bundesliga“ which CBC conducts for Sportcast and the DFL.

Yellowtec talked to Detlef Scholz, Editing Supervisor at CBC, about the reasons for choosing Intellimix and about the experiences that the users made with the new equipment.

Which properties characterize the broadcasting company CBC?

Detlef Scholz: In the locations Cologne, Munich and Berlin, many well-known TV stations and producers have trust in the know-how of over 850 employees, the state-of-the-art technique and the various services which the CBC offers. Our diverse business activities are customer- and outcome-oriented. We realize production, post-production, play-out, indoor- and outdoor- broadcasting, online-services, system consulting and system integration and are able to adapt to the requirements of our clients and projects in a flexible way.

In which cases is Intellimix used at CBC?

Detlef Scholz: We deploy Intellimix in our editing rooms for the production of our daily news and magazine formats. Besides that, we work with the device to broadcast soccer, for example for the German league „Bundesliga“, the UEFA Europa League or European Championship qualification matches.

Which were the most important criteria for picking Intellimix?

Detlef Scholz: There are some major qualities which convinced us: The user friendly handling, the consistent configuration for several devices and a modern design. In addition to that, we like the compactness while still having a lot of options and features. A high amount of compatible AoIP formats and connectivity is a big advantage as well. At the end those aspects are the reasons why we decided to get Yellowtec‘s Intellimix.

Intellimix has a brand new fader-technology, the G-Touch© Fader. What is your opinion about that?

Detlef Scholz: It is a very innovative and practical feature. The G-Touch© is a facilitation in terms of video editing. Just touching and operating. Precise control is possible because of the touch function. Intellimix combines the benefits of mechanical handling and a touchscreen. Our cutters acknowledge that editing is considerably more comfortable than before.

Do you think Intellimix was worth the investment?

Detlef Scholz: Yes, definitely! Otherwise we would not be having this conversation right now. We are very satisfied and achieve high-quality results with the Intellimix.

We thank Detlef Scholz for the time to talk to us. We wish the whole team at CBC a lot of success for all upcoming projects!