Spec Check: iXm WaveLab Bundle

All you need: Get the iXm together with a bunch of original Yellowtec accessories and a special WaveLab Yellowtec Edition.

Every iXm WaveLab Bundle includes:

  • WaveLab Yellowtec Edition license
  • iXm PRO / PREMIUM Head of your choice (omni-directional / cardioid / supercardioid)
  • iXm Pouch
  • iXm Windscreen
  • iXm USB-C SD Card Reader
  • iXm Lightning SD Card Reader
  • iXm Uplink App software license
  • YT5310: WaveLab Bundle with PREMIUM Omni-directional
  • YT5320: WaveLab Bundle with PREMIUM Cardioid
  • YT5330: WaveLab Bundle with PREMIUM Supercardioid
  • YT5340: WaveLab Bundle with PRO Omni-directional
  • YT5350: WaveLab Bundle with PRO Cardioid
  • YT5360: WaveLab Bundle with PRO Supercardioid



Combine iXm with the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition.

The combination of iXm and WaveLab Editing Software serves as a whole new all-round audio recording and editing package tailored to the needs of journalists today. Record interviews in high quality with iXm and make use of the included SD card readers to transfer it into your file system that is monitored by the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition. The software makes any editing task a piece of cake.



Get the iXm Recorder with your choice of iXm Head.

Thanks to its onboard LEA Level Energy Arbitration, the iXm Recording Microphone is a first choice recording device for journalists. Interchangeable iXm Mic Heads allow for an adjustment of the recording characteristic. Make your choice!



iXm Pouch

The iXm Pouch offers the ultimate protection for your iXm. It has a padded interior to protect your iXm. Separate transparent zip-pockets for several accessories provide clearly arranged storage options. On the front side of the pouch you can find a stylish stitched Yellowtec logo. In addition, there is a proper belt strap for carrying it around. The "bullet proof" nylon fabrics stands bad weather and the padding will forgive any drop.



iXm Windscreen. No worries about the wind.

For recordings in windy environments we recommend to use a windscreen to eliminate unwanted background noises and improve your recordings. Our black colored windscreen with Yellowtec logo perfectly fits onto your iXm Recording Microphone and makes it even more stand out as a premium class product. Made of premium polyester, the windscreen is characterized by its rugged design.