Specs: litt Universal Mounting Kit


  • All-in-one tool for easy installation
  • Comes with litt Base Controller
  • Includes Universal Mounting Adapter and Installation Tool
  • Covers all you need to mount litt in various ways


Order information: YT9401 litt Universal Mounting Kit




Hidden Champions: Universal Mounting Adapter & Installation Tool

The Universal Mounting Kit offers several mounting options and works well with our renowned m!ka Mounting System. The kit consists of a Universal Mounting Adapter with a corresponding flange, and a multifunctional tool with two ends: a pointed end for affixing the hybrid cable, and a round end for loosening and tightening the Base Controller’s screws. When we describe our mounting kit as “universal”, we mean it!




Easy installation.

The Installation Tool tackles the litt Base Controller's screws and cables. The Base Controller is litt's intelligent control center; it’s a connection and control element all in one. Installation is a cinch: the bottom cover’s screws are easily removed using the included Installation Tool. To connect or unplug the hybrid cable from the port panel’s pre-labeled terminals, use the Clip Release Tool (found on the Installation Tool’s tip-end). The Universal Mounting Adapter is hollow, so the cable easily passes through. You are now ready to mount your litt Signaling Device wherever you want to.




Simple connection: Pre-labeled input panels & USB port – it's all here!

The litt Base Controller’s connection panel consists of an 8-pin terminal block with a handy Phoenix Low-Insertion Force Connector, and a mini-USB jack. The hybrid cable’s ends can be comfortably inserted into the port panel’s color-labeled terminals. Programming litt's lighting levels is as easy as connecting your computer to litt’s Base Controller via USB port.