Specs: litt

litt's powerful 360° LED light signals with unmatched CleanVision® visibility make it stand out. The sharp contrasts of its five distinctive colors are crafted to match any installation with powerful presence. Check out all tech specs in the pdf-file above.


Plug'n'Play engine room.

The litt Base Controller’s connection panel consists of an 8-pin terminal block with a handy Phoenix Low-Insertion Force Connector, and a mini-USB jack. Each litt Base Controller is equipped with automatic color segment recognition, individual control inputs for each color (2.4-24VDC) and reverse polarity protection.



Power supply and execution:



  • Via switch/potential-free contacts or via external logic switch
  • Power requirement Base Controller: 0.5W
  • Power supply (permanent): 9V…24V



















  • Chassis (protective earth recommended): PE
  • Ground (negative supply voltage from power supply): 0V
  • +9-24V (positive supply voltage from power supply): +9V...25V
  • Red (GPI for red Color Segment ): +3V…24V
  • Yellow (GPI for yellow Color Segment): +3V...24V
  • Green (GPI for green Color Segment): +3V...24V
  • Blue (GPI for blue Color Segment): +3V…24V
  • White (GPI for white Color Segment): +3V...24V