Spec Check: m!ka Studiolight

m!ka Studiolight is sold out. It is no longer available.


In terms of lighting m!ka Studiolight is the perfect addition to your studio. Experience perfect lighting conditions. Swiveable and tilting, you can easily adjust m!ka Studiolight to your individual needs. The same applies to the lighting itself.


Dimm the light's brightness according to your own preference and set up the working conditions you need. Press short for switching ON/OFF. Press long to DIM up, press long again to DIM down. m!ka Studiolight will remember the last DIM value when switching it on again.




m!ka Studiolight. Highlight your equipment.

  • High efficiency multi-LED-technology
  • Dimmer with memory and full brightness function
  • Sturdy aluminum tube construction
  • Durable, silk-mat anodized finish
  • Range: 92 x 20 x 15,5cm
  • Adjustable friction joints
  • Wiring concealed in tubes and joints
  • Superior quality
  • Renowned German craftsmanship
  • PSU supplied for 12VDC

Order Information: YT3280 m!ka Studiolight



How to mount m!ka Studiolight.

m!ka Studiolight can be mounted just like every m!ka Mic Arm. Therefore, you can combine it with the whole range of mounting devices intended for them.

There are various ways to add m!ka Studiolight to your m!ka setup:

  • For fixation to desks choose Bushing / Table Clamp / Table Through Mount / Table Mount
  • For fixation to m!ka Poles choose m!ka Pole Adapter
  • For fixation to m!ka System Walls choose System Wall Adapter
  • For fixation to walls choose Wall Bracket