Spec Check: m!ka System Walls

Serving as a horizontal mounting spot, m!ka System Walls add even more flexibility to your m!ka setup. Simply fix a m!ka System Wall between two m!ka System Poles or two m!ka Wall Mount Poles by sliding it into the Poles' grooves.



m!ka System Walls. The system within the system.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Available in three lengths (31,5" / 39,4" / 47,3")
  • Horizontal attachment point for your m!ka Mic Arms / m!ka Studiolight / m!ka EasyLift
  • To be fixed between two m!ka System Poles or two m!ka Wall Mount Poles
  • Its two flutes hold several m!ka Arms
  • Use m!ka System Wall Adapters to fix m!ka Arms to m!ka System Walls
  • NOTE: m!ka System Walls are NOT compatible with m!ka Monitor Arms!
  • Superior quality

Order Information:

  • YT3290 m!ka System Wall 31,5" (80cm)
  • YT3291 m!ka System Wall 39,4" (100cm)
  • YT3292 m!ka System Wall 47,3" (120cm)



Spec Check: m!ka System Wall Adapter

  • Plug-in mount for m!ka Mic Arms / m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms / m!ka Studiolight
  • To be used to assemble m!ka Mic Arms / m!ka EasyLift / m!ka Studiolight to m!ka System Walls
  • Fix it inside a m!ka System Wall's groove and use two screws for proper fixation
  • Robust die-cast aluminum

Order Information: YT3295 m!ka System Wall Adapter