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Why you as a podcaster will love Yellowtec?

Your passion to talk about thrilling topics should not be taken away by technical barriers. Yellowtec develops professional products that convince with perfect sound combined with easy handling. We get you easily understood design in both form and function. Exactly what a podcaster needs.

Professional voice recordings at the push of a button.

Clear the stage! Here comes Yellowtec's Podcaster.


To meet the wishes of the podcasting community, we rethought the iXm and come up with an additional version: Podcaster – a tool affordable for every ambitious podcaster who is longing for the iXm Recording Mic's sound quality. With ease, the integrated LEA leveling technology masters every recording environment and secures professional sound – no post production needed! As a podcaster, you save valuable time for content creation!

Bestatten, Hauda.

„Bestatten, Hauda.“ is a podcast about death. Sounds unusual - and it is! In her podcast Bianca Hauda talks about all kinds of fancy and somehow strange things around the topic which is not discussed very often. And there is much more to it than you might expect! Thanks to her iXm the sound is great as well. Listening to the podcast episodes pays off!



As a radio / TV personality, Fernando Halman is using his vlog to talk about new songs and rising talents within the music industry. From young talents to well known singers, there have been a lot of people he directed an iXm Recording Mic at. At the red carpet or within a quiet studio - the sound is great!


You will never want to miss it.

Many podcasters and vloggers that once used iXm for their recordings feel that way. The iXm's great usability makes room for your podcasting passion. Technical things will no longer be an obstacle for you.

Focus on your content.

The integrated LEA Engine secures perfect leveling with every recording. USB is a thing of the past. With iXm your mobile. Record via WiFi SD-Card and share files via iXm Uplink App!


On top of TV and radio hosts, more and more podcasters and YouTubers have discovered the iXm as their choice of recording device. One of them is some kind of guru: The bestelling News York Times author Tim Ferris. In episode #247 of his podcast "The Tim Ferris Show" he lists the iXm as on of his "Cool Tools for Travel".

Why iXm?

Bianca Hauda tells about her reasons to choose the iXm Recording Mic for her podcast recordings...

Make most of your mic.

Achieve best-in-class sound: With every mic, with every recording! Simply attach your mic to PUC2 Mic LEA via XLR and get it on! Use your favorite microphone and let the PUC2's LEA Engine do the work to optimize the sound of your voice recordings. The results have the same professional sound as recordings with the iXm Recording Mic.

The leveling pro.

Even in extremely loud environments, the PUC2's LEA Engine knows how to get you perfectly leveled recordings. Just like a small sound engineer inside your mic, it delivers great sound. The ideal solution for  podcasters and for those whowant to become one.


As easy as can be.

Simply connect PUC2 to your PC / Mac via USB. There is nothing more left to do than concentrating on your content!


m!ka arranges your gear in the best way!

m!ka helps you to make most of the smallest spaces. As internation standard in the broadcast business, m!ka Mic and Monitor Arms make your podcasting setup a place where you love to work at.


More room for content creativity.

The m!ka Mounting System makes room for you and your passion for podcasting. As an elegant high-quality mounting option, it gives your setup a great look. For video recordings that's an extra benefit.