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PUC2. Providing superior USB audio.

PUC2 USB Audio Interfaces deliver professional 24bit and 192kHz audio to and from your PC or Mac. They enhance your sound while transferring balanced audio between analog and digital devices. All PUC2 interfaces offer USB plug'n'play. Still every model has its unique way of integrating your PC or Mac into your audio setup. Discover them all.


Hey, looking for the missing link to your PC?

Choose a member of the PUC2 family to take a shortcut to advanced USB audio: Converting AES/EBU to USB, PUC2 Lite is the number one all-digital USB audio interface on the market. PUC2 Line impresses as the best AD/DA converter available. PUC2 Mic LEA provides high-end leveling for any voice recording while converting your analog mic input signal.


Choose the right PUC2 interface for your needs.

PUC2 Lite

As one of its kind, PUC2 Lite is the first audio interface to provide an all-digital connection between your digital audio equipment and your computer that meets professional demands. Converting digital AES/EBU formats into PC-ready USB streams, PUC2 Lite connects your digital audio equipment. All the way, it ensures authentic and pristine digital audio with zero-loss in sound.



PUC2 Line

As the best AD/DA Converter on the market, PUC2 Line converts your analog audio signal into a digital signal that can be used with your computer. On the DAC stage, it's the other way around: Bit by bit, digital high-res audio is reproduced for analog studio environments or HiFi high-end systems. PUC2 Line's D/A converter is the crucial component for delivering best audio quality.




Use PUC2 Mic LEA to convert up to two analog microphone signals. You get high-quality audio with 24bit and 192kHz at a dynamic range of 105dB. As an audio interface with two mic channels and two high-end preamps, PUC2 Mic LEA transfers your analog mic signal to your PC or Mac and makes it compatible with your digital infrastructure. Straight away, you can stream, record, mix or monitor recordings via your computer.



Discover what any PUC2 model has to offer.

Plug'n'play for pros.

The setup is as simple as possible. Just connect PUC2 to your PC or Mac’s USB port or use it in stand-alone mode. In just a few seconds, you’ll enjoy exceptional USB audio performance. Since PUC is USB-powered, there's no bulky power supply and fewer cables to connect – which means exceptional performance without workspace clutter.



Real-time quality control.

PUC2's Zero Latency Monitoring allows you to monitor your recording signal in real-time, with no delay. Choose between listening to the input signal, or the return path arriving via USB. For further monitoring convenience an AUX output lets you connect a pair of headphones for quick and easy audio signal checks. You can be sure that PUC2 reliably delivers high-quality audio.





PUC2 Lite. The only radically digital interface.

If you're going all-digital with your audio, you can't go without PUC2 Lite. For the conversion of professional digital AES/EBU audio into USB streams that can be controlled from your PC or Mac there is no alternative. Especially at the level of quality that PUC2 Lite reliably provides!

Delivering fully digitally!

PUC2 Lite incorporates all the features of the PUC2 series but focusses entirely on the digital stage. Converting professional sound from AES/EBU format to USB streams, PUC2 Lite gives you the highest quality digital audio at its best. Are you part of an all-digital audio environment? Then PUC2 Lite is what you need to get zero-loss audio in and out of your computer.


The ultimate basis for high-end DAC.

Use PUC2 Lite to perfectly prepare AES/EBU audio for high-end D/A conversion with your external mastering or hi-fi equipment. Thanks to its precise clocking +/-10ppm with very low jitter <15mUI, PUC2 Lite provides pristine, unmatched AES to USB conversion. It delivers the best possible basis to streamline your external D/A conversion for charismatic playback via your high-end speakers.


PUC2 Line. The complete package for AD/DA.

With unsurpassed AD/DA conversion performance, PUC2 Line connects your analog and digital audio equipment to your computer. At the ADC level, PUC2 Line converts your analog audio into a digital signal usable by your computer. At the DAC stage, it's the other way around: High-resolution digital audio is reproduced, meeting the requirements of even high-end analog studio consoles and hi-fi systems.


Top-notch audio quality.

PUC2 Line enables you to deliver professional 24bit and 192kHz audio to and from your PC, Mac or iOs device. Integrate it into your audio environment to create a link between your digital and analog audio equipment. Transferring outstanding balanced audio between analog and digital devices, PUC2 guarantees best audio quality for your audio setup.



Impressive on all conversion levels.

Be it ADC or DAC, both ways PUC2 Line stands out with highest-quality audio conversion. Thanks to its precise clocking +/-10ppm with very low jitter <15mUI, PUC2 Line provides powerful high-performance AD/DA conversion. It delivers world-leading performance that matches even the high-end cosmos - even addressing real hi-fi enthusiast!



PUC2 Mic LEA. Giving your analog mic the sound it deserves.

PUC2 Mic LEA ensures pristine audio quality for the signal of your XLR-microphone. Processing the analog mic input signal with zero-latency, PUC2 Mic LEA delivers professional audio quality with 24bit and 192kH.


Benefit from two LEA Level Engines.

Delivering the world's highest speech intelligibility, LEA captures perfect levels without any clipping. Stream two mic channels via USB or integrate the audio interface as a standalone A/D converter with its two independent LEA Level Engines and stereo preamps.


The leveling legend for voice recordings & streams.

[ LEA ENGINE ON ]   PUC2 Mic LEA is the #1 interface for any kind of voice recording by radio pros, podcasters or streamers. Even a video call sounds way better using PUC2 Mic LEA! Embodying Yellowtec's unique LEA leveling technology, it gets you perfectly leveled voice recordings in real-time. Even with blanking levels or loud ambient noise, LEA levels smoothly. Still, if you fancy it, you can set individual preferences within the included PUC2 Software.



Never experienced audio quality of vocals and instrumentals.

[ LEA ENGINE OFF ]   If you look for an interface to capture recordings of instruments on the highest level, PUC2 Mic LEA is a catch. Simply turn off the LEA Engine that is designed for voice recordings. Then, PUC2 Mic LEA will get you pure and genuine sound that stands out with giving even the finest nuances in a classic recording the space they deserve. Highest sound quality with up to 24bit with a dynamic range of 105dB is guaranteed.



Stream your voice anywhere.

PUC2 Mic LEA is the perfect addition to temporary or mobile audio setups. Take your PUC2 Mic LEA with you wherever you take your laptop or iOS device, then record or stream your voice with your DAW. It doesn't matter how noisy your temporary recording environment is: Yellowtec's LEA Leveling Technology will make your voice stand out perfectly leveled in any stream or video call - even if you're on a train or in a crowded café. PUC2's sturdy body fits on any desk and in any pocket.



Make superior live talks.

With PUC2 Mic LEA, you can eliminate poorly understood voice announcements. Thanks to its zero-latency LEA Leveling Technology, your voice will be understood better than ever - no distortion, no noise! Finally, people will understand what message you are conveying through your speaker system. There's no need for a PC connection. Just plug in your microphone and speakers, LEA maximizes speech intelligibility - perfect for crowded places like hotel lobbies or train stations!

Specs: PUC2 Interfaces

  • PUC2 Line

  • PUC2 Lite

  • PUC2 Mic LEA

How To Video Clips

Yellowtec's PUC2 How To Clips show you how to benefit from all the PUC2 Audio Interfaces' features. Besides from how to get started, they show you how to integrate PUC2 into various setups. On top, the videos come with a lot of tricks to make most of the PUC2 Audio Interface.


  • How to get started with the PUC2 Audio Interface.

  • How to connect PUC2 to an analog mixing console.

  • How to connect PUC2 to a digital mixing console.

  • How PUC2 avoids latency in monitoring.

  • How PUC2 Mic LEA keeps you from bad leveling.

  • How to integrate PUC2 Mic LEA into a portable setup.

  • How to integrate PUC2 Mic LEA into your workstation.

  • How to use PUC2 to listen to HQ music.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How is PUC2 synchronized?

    Whenever no signal is received on the digital input, PUC2 makes use of its internal sample rate. By choosing a value between 32kHz and 192kHz via connected PC or Mac, you can set an internal sample rate.


    As soon as PUC2 receives a digital input signal, PUC2 realizes it and synchronizes. In this case the type of digital input signal determines PUC2's sample rate.


    Because PUC2 is not a sample rate converter, there is no way to configure it to 192kHz via USB and at the same time process a digital signal with 48kHz. This is not possible because PUC2 always adapts to the digital input signal as soon as a digital cable is connected.

  • What is the difference between PUC2 Line for International and for German Levels?

    While PUC2 for German levels gets you 0 dBFS = + 15 dBu (+6 dBu / 9 dB Headroom), PUC2 for International levels equips you with 0 dBFS = + 15 dBu (+4 dBu / 14 dB Headroom).

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