Spec Check: PUC2 Mic LEA

PUC2 Mic LEA integrates the real-time LEA DSP Engine from the iXm Digital Recording Microphone into a class-leading audio interface. Our LEA technology allows crystal clear recordings without time-consuming post-processing. Featuring one of the highest-quality mic preamps available, PUC2 Mic LEA ensures pristine audio quality with zero latency for your microphone signal. Use it to stream two channels of mic recordings via USB or use it as a standalone A/D converter with its preamp and LEA Engine.



With LEA bad leveling becomes a thing of the past.

Journalists, commentators or radio hosts know how many voice recording suffer from bad leveling and hence from poor speech recognition and poor sound. Not with LEA. Whisper or cry, PUC2 Mic LEA offers perfect audio levels - no matter the surroundings or ambient noise. It provides you with real-time audio processing and captures perfect levels without clipping. In comparison to standard AGCs and limiters, the LEA Engine knows to excel by not creating artifacts or common pumping noises. Even with blanking levels or loud ambient noise the LEA Engine works perfectly and levels smoothly.



PUC2 Mic LEA in detail.

Depending on your preference you can achieve perfect levels without the need to interact by using the installed LEA presets or benefit from a wide range of controls to set individual preferences. PUC2 Mic LEA comes with a software for PC and Mac to do so.

  • High-definition USB Audio Interface
  • Perfect choice for any voice recording made by journalists, commentators and radio hosts
  • Integrates the iXm Recording Mic's real-time LEA DSP Engine into an audio interface
  • Perfectly leveled recordings without time-consuming post-processing
  • Optionally set individual preferences within the included PUC2 software
  • Perfect audio levels no matter the surroundings or ambient noise
  • LEA excels without creating any artifacts or common pumping noise
  • Plug'n'play concept allows for fast handling
  • Stream two channels of mic recordings via US
  • Alternatively use it as a stand-alone A/D converter
  • Delivers highest available audio standards
  • Zero latency for your microphone signals
  • Allows for zero-latency monitoring
  • Sturdy aluminum unibody serves as a conductor and heat sink

Order information: YT4221 PUC2 Mic LEA