NEW: hush OnAir Controller!

    Available as of now.

    Intuitively control your signaling.

    Multiple control modes include the hush Remote, MIDI, HID, GPI,...

    Get your high-end mic preamp.

    Benefit from the hush+ premium preamp settings.

    Plenty of options for everyone to enjoy!

    A choice of five Modes allows to integrate hush anywhere!


Enjoy OnAir signaling for everyone!

Our new hush OnAir Controller now allows everyone to easily control their m!ka Mic Arm's OnAir signaling in various ways. It gets you the perfect plug'n'play solution and loads of fetaures that you will enjoy. Two version are available: hush offers you full control over your m!ka Mic Arm's dual-color OnAir indicator's LED signal. hush+ delivers high-end mic preamp settings on top. With five different modes to control hush, there's one that fits your setup for sure. hush and hush+ are available now.


The whole world of control modes.

hush gets you incredible options to be the master of your signaling. Control hush via our click-free hush Remote, GPIs, USB-HID, USB-MIDI or via external MIDI-interface. Via GPOs any standard open collector output of your mixer can be connected. USB-HID allows you to integrate the functionalities of hush and hush+ into your own macOS or Windows scripts and software. Choose MIDI to control hush via DAW software. Then your OnAir indicator is directly turned on, whenever you press record within your DAW software.

The full power of a pro preamp.

Two versions of m!ka hush are available. hush serves as a comfortable control for your OnAir LED signals. hush+ adds various advanced mic preamp and control functions for your mic signal. A lot of microphones have a low sensitivity and need a preamp in front of their mixer. Therefore, hush+ allows you to set 6 up to incredible 75dB as high-end preamp. On top, you can turn on and off Phantom Power according to your mics needs. Turn on the highpass filter to remove unwanted noise. This is how hush+ gets you premium sound for your mic signal!

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  • hush OnAir Controller

  • hush+ OnAir Controller

  • hush Remote

Video Clip

This video shows you what the hush OnAir Controller is all about. See how the hush and hush+ models can power your OnAir signaling.


Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the difference between hush and hush+?

    hush and hush+ both offer you enormous possibilities to control your OnAir signaling. Both allow you to control the dual-color LED OnAir indicator of your m!ka Mic Arm and the litt Signaling Device. However, the two hush models differ in their control over the microphone signal. While hush passes on your microphone signal unprocessed, hush+ offers you extensive control functions over your microphone signal (high-quality preamplifier, mute function, high-pass filter, phantom power).

    hush offers you extensive features for controlling your OnAir signaling. If you're using one of our m!ka Mic Arms with OnAir indicator, hush is the perfect fit! Its plug‘n‘play concept makes controlling the dual-color OnAir indicator of your m!ka Mic Arm effortlessly easy. Optionally, you can also use hush to control the LED signal of Yellowtec‘s litt Signaling Device.

    hush+ comes with additional control functions over your mic signal like a mute function. With 12dB up to 75dB preamplification, hush+ ensures first-class sound for your mic signal!

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