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iXm. The best way to capture a perfect interview.

The iXm Recording Microphone is a universal recording device which is especially developed for journalists. Reduced to efficiency, it is equipped with an easy-to-use instrument panel. The iXm’s onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect audio levels in every recording. Interchangeable microphone heads provide for flexibility in the matter of pickup pattern.

Clear the stage! Here comes Yellowtec's Podcaster.


To meet the wishes of the podcasting community, we rethought the iXm and come up with an additional version: Podcaster – a tool affordable for every ambitious podcaster who is longing for the iXm Recording Mic's sound quality. With ease, the integrated LEA leveling technology masters every recording environment and secures professional sound – no post production needed! As a podcaster, you save valuable time for content creation!

Compared to the iXm Recording Mic, Yellowtec's Podcaster is getting along without built-in battery and without interchangeable mic heads. It only supports the dynamic cardioid mic head of the iXm PRO Line by Yellowtec. This makes it the perfect budget pleasant pick for every podcaster who is longing for iXm sound quality. Blue will be every podcaster's new favorite color.


What you see is a recording microphone.



What you hear is revolutionary.

»This is perhaps the most exciting device I've seen in ages. Well thought out and beautifully constructed, this is a device for the 21st century.«

– Rob James, Resolution Magazine –

Fantastic Sound. Thanks to our LEA Engine.

We designed iXm to become the finest recording microphone ever. One of the most challenging requirements was a perfect auto leveling. Our engineers managed to develop an excitingly innovative procedure: the iXm's LEA Engine.

Whether whisper or cry, you will always enjoy a perfect level. LEA lets you do amazing recordings even under stressful conditions. No AGC and no artifacts. Try it out, you will be amazed. Our ingenious onboard LEA DSP Engine offers perfect audio levels every time, no matter the environment. LEA is leveling your interviews while recording.

LEA is a unique technology developed by Yellowtec. In comparison to standard AGCs and limiters, the LEA Engine knows to excel by not creating artifacts or common pumping noises. Even with pauses in speech or loud ambient noise, the LEA Engine works perfectly and levels smoothly – just like a little engineer aboard your mic.

Simplicity defined.

Capture the best interview ever with perfect audio levels at the push of a button. With iXm, it's never been easier to record pristine audio on location. Two buttons and three light-up icons tell you everything, making iXm the most intuitive recorder you've ever used.

Hello, easy dashboard. Goodbye, complex display.

One of the first things you’ll notice about iXm is that it’s extremely easy to use. A major design goal of ours was accomplished with the LEA, which allowed us to conceive a dashboard consisting of only three light-up icons: Recording Status, Battery Status and Memory Status. Moreover, the dashboard is exactly where you’d expect it, well-positioned and always visible. There’s no better way, day or night, to keep your recordings under control. Free from monitoring, you can devote full concentration to your interview and enjoy a hassle-free, more personal recording.

All the feedback. None of the noise. Silent buttons.

An incredible amount of design attention was put into iXm’s every detail. The buttons are rugged, large, and dust/waterproof: Smooth to the touch, yet reliable in repetitive field operations. Most importantly, they produce no handling noise. With total control under your thumb, you can focus on what you do best.


Unbeatable stamina. Thanks to intelligent power management.

Our unique dual-power supply offers an unbelievable total operation time of up to 16 hours. And that’s not all: iXm comes with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a battery compartment for three standard AA cells. Plus, our intelligent power management system will automatically load-balance power sources, so you’ll never run out of juice. iXm’s dashboard warns you well in advance so you can keep the AA batteries handy for another eight hours of pro action.

Never miss a word. Playback, in situ.

With an adjustable “pre-roll” recording buffer, you’ll never miss a conversation. Whenever you start an interview, iXm adds up to 30 seconds of previously buffered audio. Use the built-in headphone output to listen to your recordings during a field check. With the playback keys you jump from track to track. Human voice announcements will guide you through the recording, negating the need to follow track indicators. It doesn’t get any easier or more localized than that.



Our cooler heads prevail.

Our Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) exchangeable mic heads help you create your ideal recording environment. Whether you require a cardioid, supercardioid or omni-directional pickup pattern, you can easily shift gears on the spot. TOTO’s auto-sensing detects which type of mic head you’re using and automatically adapts the DSP to the right parameters. No need for any manual settings!

The omni-directional. Unparalleled expanded ambient sound.

Microphone heads with omni-directional pickup pattern are designed for recordings in quiet environments. They suit best for discussions and talks in conference rooms and voice recordings in your own office or other quiet surroundings.



The cardioid. The safe allrounder choice.

As a directed head, the cardioid microphone head is designed for recordings in environments with various noise levels. Thus, it can be called an all-purpose answer for reporters. Because of its sound pickup from the front, it filters background noise and ensures crystal clear recordings through excellent and natural frequency response. The cardioid pickup pattern suits best for interviews in various surroundings like events and outdoor locations with a lot of traffic noise.



The supercardioid. Arena-ready noise suppression.

Mic heads with supercardioid recording pattern are designed for recordings in noisy environments. As their directivity is even higher than the cardioid’s, they optimally filter extremely loud background noise. Thus, the supercardioid ensures crystal clear recordings through excellent and natural frequency response. The supercardioid pickup pattern suits best for interviews in loud surroundings like major events, e.g. sporting events, motor sport races or concerts.



iXm PRO Line Heads

As dynamic microphone capsules, the iXm PRO Line Mic Heads are characterized by their sound converter components’ ruggedness, especially at high sound pressure levels. Their recording patterns are less sensitive in higher frequency ranges compared to electret microphone heads. The dynamic heads' sluggish membranes lead to different sounding recording results. Due to their dynamic mic, the heads of the iXm PRO Line are less sensible for wind noise or structure born noise and offer an optimized frequency response for excellent speech capture.


iXm PREMIUM Line Heads

As electret condenser microphone heads, the iXm PREMIUM Line Mic Heads are created to capture smallest sound pressure levels. Their recording pattern is more sensitive in higher frequency ranges which results in a higher resolved pattern in the end zone compared to a dynamic microphone head. The head of the iXm PREMIUM Line offer superb natural frequency response with shock-mount isolation which protects your recording from handheld noise.


Speed-up your audio production. With iXm Uplink.

iXm Uplink is an innovative App for your iOS device. It faciliates the uplink of data from the iXm Recording Microphone and your mobile device. Providing sophisticated editing, archiving and meta tag features, the iXm Uplink App is of particular interest for reporters, as it allows them to email recordings directly to their studio after tagging the files.

Use a Toshiba Flash Air WiFi SD Card (recommended) to connect the iXm Recording Microphone with your tablet PC/smartphone via WiFi. Now soundfiles can be downloaded from your iXm, edited and transferred via GSM or WiFi link. You can also distribute *.WAV, *.BWF and MP2 (MPEG1 Layer2) files via e-mail, Dropbox and FTP.

Appgrade your iXm.


iXm Uplink is now available for iOS smartphones and tablets. Get it for free at the App Store.

Life can be so easy.

Everything you need. The iXm Bundle.

The iXm Bundle gives you all the iXm stuff you need for a great package price.

A pocket full of iXm.

The iXm Pouch delivers best protection for your iXm. The robust bag perfectly suits your iXm and secures it from heavy weather. The iXm Windscreen is there to protect your mic on the outside. Whenever there are windy recording conditions, you will never have to worry. To be ready to make most of your iXm, the iXm Bundle also includes a Wifi SD Card. Thanks to the card, you can connect to the iXm Uplink App straight from the beginning.



Now there are also iXm Bundles with WaveLab Yellowtec Edition.

In collaboration with Steinberg, we offer you a whole new all-round audio recording and editing package tailored to the needs of journalists today. Steinberg is providing a bespoke version of their WaveLab editing software which offers quick access to all essential functions. We bundle it up with our iXm Recording Microphone or PUC2 Mic LEA Audio Interface.


The WaveLab Yellowtec Edition provides a straightforward interface that contains all functions necessary for editing and rendering audio in daily journalist and broadcast applications. Main features, including cutting, normalizing, fades, metadata handling, marker management and rendering options are all located on one centralized ribbon to stay focused on interview editing tasks.


The strength of the all-in-one iXm WaveLab Bundle is its easy and straightforward workflow. Record interviews in high quality with iXm and transfer them via iXm Uplink App and WiFi directly to your laptop system into a standard folder that is monitored by the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition. The software reads out any marker you have created during interviews and makes editing a piece of cake.


Specs: iXm Recording Mic

  • iXm with PREMIUM Head

  • iXm with PRO Head

  • iXm PREMIUM Heads

  • iXm PRO Heads

  • iXm PREMIUM Bundles

  • iXm PRO Bundles

  • iXm PREMIUM WaveLab Bundles

  • iXm PRO WaveLab Bundles

  • iXm Pouch

  • iXm Hard Case

  • iXm Windscreen

  • iXm Clamp

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I check remaining memory and battery capacity?

    iXm offers a comfortable way to verify remaining memory and battery capacity without any need to use a display.


    Simply press the STOP button and the process to check the remaining capacities is started. The status of both is indicated by flashing LEDs. They are part of the iXm's dashboard. Each flicker off the battery and memory LEDs symbolizes one hour of remaining capacity. 

  • Will the iXm's battery last an entire working day ?


    The iXm's battery capacity is about 9 hours. Thus, it keeps up its phenomenal work for a whole working day without any restrictions. This time frame is given for the recording time. In standby mode the battery capacity is significantly higher.


    In case you ever run out of battery, there is an easy solution to fix this problem. Simply insert three AA-batteries and thereby extend the iXm's operating time whenever you need or want to. As soon as the integrated rechargeable battery needs to be charged, the iXm will automatically use these inserted batteries.

  • What is the difference between the iXm's PREMIUM and PRO Line?

    Both, the iXm PRO Line and iXm PREMIUM Line iXm Heads are used by customers operating in comparable environments. While the iXm PREMIUM Line consists of condenser mic heads, the iXm PRO Line is characterized by dynamic heads.


    In terms of sound, the iXm PREMIUM Line is slightly finer and more present. Compared, the iXm PRO Line is characterized by more bass and less presence. Professionals often say it sounds a little more "American". In the end, it's the individual taste that influences which type of mic head you prefer for your recordings.

  • How to change the iXm's Mic Head and characteristic?

    All iXm Mic Heads are interchangeable. By swapping the head, you can easily change your iXm's recording characteristic to be prepared for different recording environments. Thanks to their screw threats, all the iXm Heads can be twisted on and off anytime. During the change of heads you don't even have to turn off your iXm. This short video tutorial shows how easy it is to switch heads.

  • In which situation should I choose which iXm Mic Head?

    There is an easy rule to choose the appropriate iXm Mic Head according to the recording environment:



    The omni-directional mic head is the right choice for recordings in quiet environments, e.g. conference rooms. 



    The cardioid mic head is the most universal mic head. It can be used in quiet environments, as well as in noisy surroundings.



    The supercardioid is suitable for recordings in very noisy environments. It is the right mic head for interview recordings inside sport stadiums or concert halls.


    Please always keep in mind that your iXm has to be directed to the person you're interviewing the more precise, the smaller the pick-up area of your chosen head. So whenever you are using a supercardioid, it has to be right in front of the speaker's face, while an omni-directional head does not require to be precisely directed.

  • How can I adjust the recording volume without a display?

    The iXm's true highlight is that you will never need to adjust its recording volume. Whenever you use the iXm, not even small adjustments are necessary.

    Yellowtec's LEA Engine will take all the work off your hands. No matter if you scream or whisper, your recordings will always be perfectly leveled ones. There will be no undesired background noise or any artifacts other systems suffer from. Simply press the RECORD-button and focus on your interview. The iXm and LEA will do the rest.

  • Is it possible to accidently delete or overwrite recording files?


    iXm does not offer any way to delete files directly on the device. For security reasons, it is necessary to connect the iXm to your PC or Mac via USB to read the SD card in order to delete files.

  • How can I switch between mic and line input?

    With iXm there is no need to switch. It will automatically set mic or line input. As soon as a connector is inserted into the yellow input, the mic head is muted. At this point of time you will only record via line input.

  • Is the iXm line input stereo?


    The iXm's line input is a mono input. Please don't apply a stereo signal. Doing so, all the mid signals would be deleted. As a result you would achieve terrible recordings. The line input is developed for asymmetric and symmetric mono signals only.

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