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    CleanVision® brilliance.




















    5 colors conquering the world.






















litt. Perception is everything.

Experience a whole new kind of signaling. With forward thinking options. Developed as an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device, litt brings convenience and flexibility. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright CleanVision® LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design. Unmistakably different.

Awarded beauty.

litt is made of solid aluminum, providing value and durability. Its puristic design blends with any environment in a way that's remarkably unremarkable. By putting design first, litt’s sleek, progressive appearance earned the coveted red dot design award.




»litt is a high-tech LED signaling device that brings convenience and flexibility with programmable light and flash patterns, ultra bright LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system.

Erin Shipps, RadioMagOnline

Incomparably stunning.

When building a signaling light, design isn’t the first thing on most companies’ minds. But Yellowtec isn’t most companies. Besides highest technological standards, we put great emphasis on clear stylistic idiom.

CleanVision®. Sending unmistakeable signals.

The most important aspect of every signaling device is the way it produces light and the action the light causes. That’s why, in collaboration with global leaders in manufacturing lighting systems, we developed a light with never-seen-before properties. We call it CleanVision®.

Discreetly indiscreet.

litt’s CleanVision® makes it incomparable to any signaling device in the world: A powerful presence that’s not overly aggressive. Bright but not blinding. Unmistakable. Simply brilliant.




One of a kind lighting.

Brilliant colors.

litt doesn't make use of any lens attachments to create colors. Its innovative diffusor is the only way to achieve LED colors this pure and bright without causing any interferences.

Extremely sharp contrasts.

litt's contrast (light-dark contrast and hot-cold contrast) is developed in respect to fundamentally improve signaling quality. It provides perfect visibility both day and night.

Bright from far away.

litt emits a light with extreme sharpness that never appears diffuse. Even at maximum range.


But never blinding.

On the other hand, litt is absolutely glare-free at close distances. You will never feel uncomfortable.


Mind, body & soul. More than eye-candy.

HD lighting performance.

For excellent daylight visibility, we employed the latest LED technology. Each litt segment is equipped with high-power LEDs. The LEDs’ unique screen lenses produce remarkably consistent radiance with a full 360° viewing angle. And their exceptional efficiency allows power sharing mode. What does it all mean? It means litt provides full brightness at only half the specified current!

Saves energy. Protects resources.

With an average lifetime of 50,000 hours thanks to CleanVision®, litt is an eco-friendly device with extremely low power consumption. Environmentally conscious materials and an extremely low energy consumption truly make litt a “green” product. litt’s environmentally responsible approach ensures you’re "going green", even when using other colors!

Fully colored. Let images do the talking.

litt's light segments are available in red, green, yellow, white and blue and come in two heights: 41mm (1.61 inch) and 27mm (1.1 inch). Heights and colors can be combined in any way since each color has dedicated control input.

Flexibility delivered by microprocessor-controlled settings.

Each litt segment has its own individual micro-controller with flash RAM, allowing you to permanently store your settings and change your settings anytime. You are not only free to choose the color of the segments you need but also to adjust how each single segment should be signaling. Connect your PC or Mac to the Base Controller’s USB port and use our versatile Lighthouse® software to create a variety of lighting patterns, including flash modes and brightness. Now that’s true convenience.




litt's Sound Segment. Breaks the silence.

The litt Sound Segment fuels signaling with a second dimension besides litt's CleanVision® LED signaling. Complement or even enhance your lighting signals. Set up individually programmable sound patterns and create maximum attention.

Sound on top.

litt's Sound Segment can either be set up synchronized with one of your color segments' lighting patterns or be used completely independent. Simply mount it on top of your litt color segments. Choose your preferred sound pattern and volume level to achieve optimal signaling effects for any field application.




Simple connection. Easy installation.

Elegant, modular system.

Most signaling lights have externally-mounted bayonets or buckles to connect segments. While this might be a functional approach, it‘s neither aesthetically pleasing nor very robust. That's why we chose to relocate litt‘s connecting parts in form of a stable bayonet inside the lighting segment. With litt, up to five LED segments can be easily mounted on top of each other, no tools required. And because of the invisible connections, the entire device presents an extraordinarily clean, elegant look.


All-in one. All tools are included.

Our Universal Mounting Kit (UMK) makes installation a piece of cake. It comes with litt's Base Controller and includes everything you need to install your litt. Upon reasonable grounds we named it Universal Mounting Kit: It offers several mounting options making litt applicable nearly everywhere and works well with our renowned m!ka Mounting System. When we describe our litt mounting kit as “universal”, we mean it!


litt and m!ka. Friends for a lifetime.

litt is fully compatible with Yellowtec's m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System. This gives you even a whole lot more of opportunities. Place litt on top of a m!ka System Pole. Therefore, there's no need for any add-ons. All you need is litt's Universal Mounting Adapter which is part of the Universal Mounting Kit included with every litt.



Specs: litt Signaling Device

  • litt Base Controller

  • litt Base Controller Wall Mount

  • litt 50/22 Color Segment

  • litt 50/35 Color Segment

  • litt 50/37 Sound Segment

  • litt Riser

  • litt Riser Ceiling Mount

  • litt Spoiler

  • litt Universal Mounting Kit

  • litt Mounting Flange

  • litt System Cable

How To Video Clips

The litt How To Clips show you what makes the litt Signaling Device so special. Check out how Yellowtec's CleanVision® lighting characteristics make litt stand out. Follow the step by step instructions to combine multiple litt elements, to program litt via Lighthouse Software and to get the wiring done. The videos show you how to fully adapt your litt combination to your personal requirements. Make litt yours!

  • How your litt’s light signals stand out.

  • How to create your individual litt device.

  • How to add acoustic signals to your litt.

  • How to combine litt with the m!ka Mounting System.

  • How to establish the wiring of your litt.

  • How to integrate the litt Signaling Device.

  • How to program your litt via software.

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